The Corporate Estate Transfer


The corporate estate bond or transfer strategy re-allocates a portion of the corporate funds to instantly multiply the estate value with the use of a corporately owned permanent life insurance policy, eventually passing along the death benefit to the shareholders tax free.


The Private Reserve Strategy

This strategy is most suitable for business owners with excess capital and or retirees with more income or assets than necessary for their retirement lifestyle.


The insurance contract contains a tax sheltered investment component which can be used to create a private reserve account. This tax sheltered account creates  an increasing pool of capital that provides the company with liquidity, control, and uninterrupted compound growth over a long period of time. 

The fundamental feature to this strategy is collateralization. This is what allows the shareholders to take advantage of lucrative opportunities  on short notice without interrupting the compound effect within the account.

With the right structure and beneficiary designations in place, the assets would be creditor-proof. On the death of the life insured both the guaranteed death benefit and the investment component are paid tax free to the beneficiaries.


The benefits of the Corporate Estate Bond/Transfer.

Create a large and immediate estate value... Harness the power of the capital dividend


Provides the most tax efficient premium payment method..

Take advantage of tax-sheltered cash value growth


Have a tax-free maturity value at death


Benefits to the Private Reserve Strategy

Provides stability, liquidity, and control, while collateral capacity potentially allows you to seize opportunities as they arise.


Stability.... Earn consistent tax sheltered dividend income over the span of a lifetime.

Liquidity.... No surrender charges or limitations on stated funds

Control... Have access to money when you need it most. No questions asked.

Safe... No negative returns. 
Your money and its earnings are vested year after year.


Invest corporate dollars and avoid losses.