Mortgage Insurance

Protect your family, 
not your bank

When it comes to protecting your mortgage you have a choice. Before you say yes to mortgage insurance, consider a product designed to protect you and your loved ones – not your lender!

When you are approved for your mortgage, your lender will offer to sell you mortgage insurance. That may seem convenient, but before you say yes to purchasing mortgage insurance, you should know that you have better options. Protecting your mortgage with an individually owned life and living benefits plan offers you and your loved ones better guarantees, more flexibility, more options, and in most cases a much better price.


Life Insurance



Typically when you switch mortgage providers seeking better terms or better rates, you usually need to reapply for your mortgage insurance.

Your mortgage protection would stay inforce regardless of switching lenders.


With typical mortgage insurance, the lender owns the policy and assigns itself as the beneficiary.

You own the policy and choose the beneficiary you want to receive the death benefit tax-free.


Level Insurance Protection

Mortgage insurance products are known to have declining coverage as the balance of your mortgage is paid down while the premiums you are charged stay the same.

Your coverage amount remains intact even as your mortgage balance decreases.

Peace of Mind

Mortgage insurance is usually underwritten at the time of death.

Your coverage is fully underwritten at the time of application to avoid any surprises at the time of claim.


Guarantee Rates

The typical mortgage insurance product charges a higher premium and the rates are usually not guaranteed.

Your rates are guaranteed for the life of the policy – its right in your contract

Rewarded for a Healthy Lifestyle

Mortgage insurance products are issued by STANDARD health age banding and coverage offered will not always protect the whole mortgage

Your life insurance policy will be fully underwritten and take your healthy lifestyle into consideration, offering you the lowest rate possible while also providing you with much higher amounts of coverage if necessary.